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2006 - 2007 Martin County School Report Cards

Martin County schools ranked 5th overall in the State of Florida in reading, writing, and math. 18 of 19 schools get an A.

June 29, 2007
The state of Florida released its annual school report card today and Martin County came in with excellent scores. Eighteen Martin County School district schools received a grade of A and one school received a grade of B. Overall Martin County schools ranked 5th in the entire state of Florida.

The state of Florida Department of Education evaluates students in Reading, Math, and Writing. For each of the three tests the report details the percent of students tested, number tested, and if 95 percent of the students were tested. Martin County is known for excellent schools and the 2007 report confirms the school district is continuing to provide top quality education.

2006 - 2007 Martin County School Grades
2007 State of Florida school report card puts Martin County Schools in top 5 in state.

2007 School Report Highlights for Martin County

School NameReading Percent ProficiencyWriting ProficiencyMath Proficiency
Bessey Creek Elementary School889780
Crystal Lake Elementary849383
Dr. David L. Anderson Middle School62NA62
Felix A Williams Elementary School859884
Hidden Oaks Middle School829985
Hobe Sound Elementary School8010079
Indian Town Middle School519559
J. D. Parker School of Techology699171
Jensen Beach Elementary School869678
Jensen Beach High School579278
Martin County High School579476
Murray Middle School699767
Palm City Elementary School889787
Pinewood Elementary School658865
Port Salerno Elementary School7010074
Sea Wind Elementary School779477
South Fork High School528974
Stuart Middle School729672
Warfield Elementary School849477

How to read the Scores:
High numbers are better and indicate the percentage of students that scored at or above the standard grade level. The Florida Department of Education has the full report available.