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Pitchfords Landing Gets Approved

Indian River Drive in Jensen Beach

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Pitchfords Landing Gets Approved

Where: Indian River Drive in Jensen Beach

Website: http://www.jensenbeachgroup.org/

After months of battles the Pitchford Landing community won approval. Martin County commisioners voted 4 to 1 to approve.

Pitchfords Landing is a housing development project that will replace the 167 unit RV Park that sits on 17 acres on Indian River Drive in Jensen Beach.

The initial plan for Pitchfords landing was 121 homes but a battle with Jensen Beach locals that organized themselves into the Jensen Beach Group has resulted in a long drawn out process.

Project Approved
On Tuesday August 13, 2007 Martin County Commissioners approved the Pitchfords Landing project with 83-units. This is dramatically less than the original 121 or 137 (depending on who you ask) units initially proposed. 

The reduction of units can be seen as a victory for the Jensen Beach Group. But the battle over the new community isn’t over. The Jensen Beach Group plans on challenging the project in court.

Traffic Concerns
One of the many objections over the new housing community is increased traffic on the narrow Indian River Drive.  But with just 83 units the community has half the residences of the existing mobile home park, so hopefully the number of cars won’t go up.

The primary problem with the pitchford development plan is the increase in density - there will be more concrete and less grass and trees. That will certainly change the character of Jensen Beach.

The objection to the Pitchford Landing project is simple,  Jensen Beach does not want to end up like Port St. Lucie, Palm Beach, all of Broward and Dade County, Orlando, Tampa,  Jacksonville and we could go on.  People live in Martin County ( and Jensen Beach) because it is uncrowded, has little traffic, and is relatively quiet.