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Rodney's Roost Bed & Breakfast

Jensen Beach, Florida

Phone: 772-225-2272

Visitor Comments

I have not stayed at Rodney’s but the restaurant is beautiful. All the wood and stained glass make the dining experience quite wonderful. The food is served in large portions and well prepared. Delish! This might be a strange recommendation, but you have to see the ladies restroom. I don’t know if the men’s restroom is the same. The frosted, blue backlit glass makes it seem like you are underwater in a tropical ocean. It’s very neat.

By Kathy Petroraio on 02 27, 2008
From the entry 'Rodney'.

Great place to stay!  Rooms are very clean and beautifully decorated.  Food is also great.  The staff is extremely friendly and accommodating.

By TJ on 02 11, 2008
From the entry 'Rodney'.

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